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Apple Inc.
IT Annual Capital Planning Process Improvement

Review, assessment and improvement action plan for Apple's Information Systems & Technology organization's annual capital planning process. That includes:

  • Document as-is process flow
  • Analyze and summarize interview results (gaps & opportunities for improvement)
  • Develop and facilitate workshops in six key process focus areas: Project request, project level of effort estimating, project prioritization, financial guidance (governance), interdependencies, and tools
  • Summarize workshop outputs into an Action Plan and implementation

    Data Mart Application Project Management and Strategy for Yahoo!'s Customer Care division.

    Our key deliverables includes 11 Data Mart reports capturing key management data on various customer service levels within Yahoo!'s Customer Care division. Our contribution included chairing team meetings, creating project plans, tracking and reporting on status, refining requirements and overcoming resource and communications barriers to drive the successful completion of a troubled project that was on the brink of being cancelled.

    PMO set up and BPR set up

  • Define and IT PMO Goals, Objectives, PMO Services PMO Systems and Applications
  • Create PMO Communication Management Process
  • PMO Process Re-Design for Portfolio Management and Resource Management

    PCI (Payment Card Industry) Process Analysis and Design

    Compliance review and remediation related to PCI (Payment Card Industry) established requirements in 2007. The effort addresses processes and data flow needs related to the processing and disposition of PCI data including the compilation the necessary data to build the necessary process documentation, asses the current state of Safeway processes and new process requirements.

    Implement BPMN Process Modeling Standards for PCI

    Revise documentation for payment card processes to bring them into compliance with the BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) standards. This standard provides a uniform set of methods for diagramming processes and procedures in order to eliminate the ambiguity which may arises between or even within companies.

    PCI (Payment Card Industry) Process Analysis and Design Phase 2

    Identify and document additional processes which are being brought into compliance with the PCI standards. This phase focused on processes which, while technically compliant, required additional effort to ensure that they would continue to be compliant in the future.

    End to End Finance Project Management and Facilitation for UCSF Operational Excellence Initiative. This is a chancellor led initiative to improve the administrative operations of the campus. NZconsulting is focusing on operational and organizational improvements to finance processes, including the development of a shared services center, development and implementation of the improvements

    Project II
    IT End to end Resource Management Process Reengineering (process and system transformation impacting 1500 people)

    Designing and implementing an IT Resource Tracking Reporting and Forecasting process that includes:

  • Designing and implementing End-To-End resource tracking, reporting, scheduling, and forecasting set of processes and tools based on best practices.
  • New process enables line managers, PMO, executive management, Project managers, and resources to track, schedule, and forecast all IT activities which include projects and non-project work (track forecast at task level): Admin, R&D, Projects, etc. for all IT employees including IT resources, Contractors, and Off-shore IT resources.
  • Communication , training and change management

    The creation of center of excellence for IT Resources and skill matrix enabled optimization of resource planning, individual career development and optimizations of allocation of resources to top priority projects such that they are delivered on time within budget with quality.

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    IT Project Portfolio Process Implementation

    Key deliverables include:

  • Assessment and analysis of current processes
  • Process layout documentation
  • Project database, metrics, and dashboard design
  • Project processes definition
  • Workshop facilitation on templates, tool set, communications plan and dashboard
  • Training and change management strategy

    Sand Hill
    Premier wealth management advisory firm, Sand Hill Advisors, turned to NZ Consulting for help developing the business case strategy and business plan for their Women's Wealth Network, a spin off effort that seeks to educate and connect women of wealth with each other and professional advisors who recognize the importance of women to the financial services industry. NZ Consulting quickly took up the reigns of the project, developed a clear working plan for the cross-functional team, conducted research and analysis; and built the business plan while working closely with the Sand Hill Advisors executive team as consultant and advisor.

    Seagate Sales and Marketing System and Applications
    NZconsulting provided Senior Business System Analysis and Program Management for Seagate Key Sales and Marketing Programs, including development of Business Requirements and Functional Specifications for Seagate marketing operations projects in areas such as retail pricing, international distributor sales management, preferred partner program, and direct mail campaign tracking.

    We worked closely with business managers, IT managers and developers to ensure the successful analysis design and development of process and system solutions that meet the customer requirements. Salesforce.com was used for the implementation of several of the projects.

    Eccolo Media
  • Complete IT Assessment of Eccolo Media including IT current and future needs, IT infrastructure, Applications needs, Cloud services management and IT processes.
  • Recommendation for CRM system selection, Content Management system selection and intranet re-design.

    Altera New Employees On boarding process
    End to end on-boarding- off boarding process that impacts 1500 employees, partners, suppliers, temporary resources and consultants

    Designing and implementing a process that includes:

  • Designing and implementing End-To-End resource tracking, reporting, scheduling, and forecasting set of processes and tools based on best practices.
  • New process enables line managers, PMO, executive management, Project managers, and resources to track, schedule, and forecast all IT activities which include projects and non-project work (track forecast at task level): Admin, R&D, Projects, etc. for all IT employees including IT resources, Contractors, and Off-shore IT resources.

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    Network Appliance, Inc.
    Network Storage Solutions

    $1.17 Billion Company

    IT Strategy, IT governance, IT Process Architecture Definition and Implementation

  • Created IT Governance structure that provided consistent avenue for accurate and timely flow of information, and facilitated strong and reliable partnership with the business.
  • Designed and implemented repeatable, predictable, measurable consistent IT process architecture. Key processes included building of a PMO, rolling out Business and IT Alignment process for project Portfolio and IT LCM

    Program Management for Enterprise Strategic Initiatives

  • Facilitated management of large cross-functional strategic initiatives
  • Designed and implemented scalable infrastructure towards enterprise PMO
  • Managed program reviews, success metrics and implemented program improvements
  • Designed and implemented field surveys, analysis and recommendations

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    3Com Corporation


    $3.4 Billion Company

    Worldwide Process and Information Technology Redesign including Supply Chain, ERP and B2B applications

  • Lowered supply chain operating costs by 20%.
  • Reduced order cycle time by 30%.
  • Increased on time delivery by 60%.
  • Reduced supply chain planning cycle by 50%.
  • Enhanced efficiency and accuracy of data exchange with 3Com's internal & external partners by 30%.
  • Lowered inventories and procurement costs by $20M.

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    Comverse Technology

    $1.2 Billion Company

    New York
    Hong Kong
    Customer Support Logistics Management

  • Developed and managed a $30M customer support budget for 320 employees.
  • Managed $9M worldwide CSO inventory.
  • Improved customer satisfaction statistics by 40% within a 12-month period.
  • Increased CSO service agreements by 25%.

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    Brocade Communications
    Storage Area Networks

    Company-wide Process Assessment, Analysis and Improvement using Industry Best in Class Practices

  • Identified, defined, and implemented key business processes that gave Brocade a sustainable competitive advantage as they scaled to the $1 billion dollar mark to create Economic Value Added (EVA).
  • Defined process improvement methodology, formed teams roles and responsibilities.
  • Developed, conducted and managed training and workshop for "as is" and "to be" processes definition.
  • Planned and executed process rating and survey.
  • Documented 'Identity' and 'Priority' processes (objectives, flow charts, CSF, KPI).
  • Developed Intranet business process site - "Brocade Process Zone".
  • The above activities increased revenue and customer satisfaction, improved time, price and fit to market and streamlined processes.

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    Evoke Software
    Data Profiling & Data Management Leader

    Product Marketing - Brochures & Datasheets Design
    Product Marketing - Content Management

  • Developed product marketing content strategy (value proposition, product benefits, applications, functionality, technology).
  • Created Product Management repository that serves the entire company including web site content.
  • Designed and developed Evoke Product Suite Brochures and Datasheets.

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    Oakland Adult & Career Education (OACE)

    Oakland Adult & Career Education (OACE) is the division of Oakland Unified School District that offers educational opportunities to adult learners.

    NZconsulting Provided Adult & Career Education support in an internal redesign, to increase instructional support and ensure delivery of quality programming. Such as Coaching, training, planning, tool development, and organizational (re)design as necessary to continue to build an effective organization. Our work focused on two main areas: Organizational Analysis & Design. Guide and assist senior leaders, administrators and staff in the development a robust Instructional Support Services service unit. Programmatic Visioning & Alignment Support Provide support and facilitation to guide instructional program leadership in program vision development and organizational alignment.

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    Waldman Management Group
    Property Management and Investment

    San Francisco CA
    Business Strategy, Roadmap Creation, Change Management and Operational Improvement Implementation

  • Define Waldman Management Group roadmap.
  • Implement organizational changes and communication management
  • Improve and strengthen team collaboration and effectiveness.
  • Create simple procedures and plans to enable scalability and growth.
  • Provide management training and coaching.
  • Define measurement and reviews.
  • Roll out customer satisfaction survey and continuously improve business operations.

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    Israel Defense Force
    Counter Terrorism Intelligence Agencies

    Counter Terrorism Intelligence

  • Collected, analyzed, and distributed comprehensive, and timely intelligence on Counter Terrorism and Israel national security topics, including military, geographic, and economic intelligence.
  • Conducted counterintelligence activities related to foreign intelligence and national security, as directed by the military.
  • Engaged in research, development, and deployment of high-leverage technology for intelligence purposes.
  • Worked closely with other Intelligence Communities to ensure that consumers-such as the Mossad or the CIA receive the best intelligence possible.

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    Management Consulting

    Non Profit

    Health Care

    Project Management, Process Redesign, Change Management

  • Managed an array of projects in various industries that helped organizations successfully initiate, plan and execute projects of various sizes and ensured that available resources were used in the most effective and efficient manner.

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    Food Industries


    Supply Chain Operation Optimization

  • Redesigned manufacturing strategies and reduced operational costs by 25%.
  • Prepared RFI/RFP and managed the implementation of ERP software.

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    Gas Industries


    Oil Companies Merger, Planning and Execution

  • Planned and executed the information systems and operations merger of the two largest oil companies in Israel (bill of materials, processes and warehouses).
  • Managed component purchasing and order fulfillment processes to meet customer delivery dates.

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    Fashion Industries


    Manufacturing, Planning and Procurement Management

  • Developed and executed manufacturing plans for ten different production lines.
  • Managed component purchasing and order fulfillment processes to meet customer delivery dates.

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