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C. Project / Program Management

In an era when projects and services have grown larger and more complex, when there is fierce global competition, massive amounts of data and sophisticated customers demanding higher quality goods and services, organizations are seeking outstanding project managers to run their projects. Failure to meet fundamental project objectives - schedule, budget and product will significantly impact the success of your organization as a whole.

Successful project management today is less about the science of using Gantt charts, work breakdown structures and critical-path methodology than about effective communications, trust, integrity, flexibility, rapid decision-making, problem solving, leadership and customer satisfaction.

NZconsulting Will:

Initiate, Plan, Execute, Control and Close Projects
  • Manage and deliver structured project solutions of any size, complexity and industry to meet deliverables within budget, resources and timeline constraints in demand and supply chain process integration, software development, mergers and acquisition integration planning and execution.

    Scope Management
  • Develop initial project strategy, deliverables and project organization tailored to the project's specific needs.

    Time Management
  • Control critical path and schedules.

    Cost Management
  • Develop, manage and control project budget, costs and expenses.

    Quality Management
  • Track project deliverables, key milestones, financial and technical performance.

    Human Resources Management
  • Develop leadership, build effective project teams and resolve conflicts.

    Communications Management
  • Monitor progress, identify and resolve cross-functional issues.
  • Coordinate phases and deliverables across functional areas and report to various internal and external parties.

    Risk Management
  • Manage project risks regarding timelines, deliverables and budget.
  • Perform risk analysis related to project activities, magnitude of risk and planned action.

    Procurement Management
  • Evaluate and control all procurement activities related to the project.

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