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A. Business Process Reengineering

Everything your business does is governed by a process - from developing and selling products to supporting customers and ordering materials from suppliers. Business processes alignment, synchronization and optimization across your company and with your business partners are the keys to successful operations and the corner stone for application of information technology.

Business processes are the nervous system of any organization.

Organizations have numerous business processes that involve people as well as automated systems. These business processes define the tasks, events, rules, people and the automated systems engaged in delivering goods, services or information to the organization's employees, external customers and partners.

It is quickly becoming apparent among business executives and managers that business processes are valuable corporate assets that need to be managed and optimized just as any other business asset. Organizations can maximize the return on their people, enterprise software, and investment in technology through effectively defining and managing their end-to-end processes. But the complex and ever-changing nature of business makes manual and ad hoc management of the underlying processes impractical or prohibitively expensive. Managing these processes in a systematic and well-planned manner allows organizations to achieve the benefits of process management in a practical and cost-effective manner.

Business processes need to be managed with the same care and attention as any other portfolio of valuable corporate assets.

NZconsulting Will:

Evaluate Current Business Processes
  • Assess current business processes.
  • Analyze demand and supply chain operations.
  • Refine business goals and objectives.

    Redesign Business Processes, Perform Gap Analysis and Change Management
  • Redesign and optimize business processes, develop and align sales, marketing, product operations, procurement, manufacturing, order management & fulfillment in real time collaboration with trading partners.
  • Perform Gap Analysis between current and new business processes.
  • Manage and implement change.

    Architect Information Technology to Support Optimized Processes
  • Design and integrate information technology that will support new defined processes to improve real time information visibility and maximize collaboration with internal and external partners.
  • Evaluate and select software tools that support optimized organizational processes.

    Benchmark and Integrate Best Practices
  • Develop performance measurement systems, reports and metrics to measure products and services quality, costs & productivity.
  • Develop benchmarking capabilities.
  • Apply best practices, implement continuous learning and adaptation to change.

    Change is good, (if it's on your terms...)
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